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Submitted on
December 10, 2007
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i hate the way you say that. its that exact tone where you make me feel like im less than what i should be,

less than you expected.

i feel like we've walked this road before, and repaved it.
but the ruts, bumps, and pot holes are returning, because we've forgotten.

i hate the way you look when you say that.
like i'm maybe a step up from vermin, that i dont deserve to...i dont know, breathe.

i hate the way you act like youre my best friend and want to know what i have to say, all the while judging me. and you wonder why im never around.

o scratch that, you dont wonder, nor do you fully care. all you need to know is whether or not to leave the door open or shut me out again.

to protect yourself, so you think.

we've been here before, sought out help to repave this road, to fill in this hole.

you always wanted this, you convey that with your eyes. telling me that this is what i asked for. when really you never prepared me.

i'll never forget. step up to the plate, grow up. where were you?


more of an aquaintance than friend. getting along better than most. but still its not enough and while i understand that theres a need to share the load, you dont have to look like that when you say it. You dont have to say it quite like that.

and when i dont jump up to do your bidding, you dont have to get pissed and in a hurry. i said i'd do it.


dont make it seem like im a horrible person, that i dont care.

i do care, i always have. but i move at slower pace than you do.
dont rush me.
you'll just push me away.
further like they did. and then when i walk away...

i wonder will you say goodbye in that tone of voice
will you look the same way you did.

the way that says o, what a waste. later.

supposing i say goodbye. supposing i let you in one last time

but i dont need your condescending looks or tone of voice.
i'll get around to it. i said i would. and believe it or not i'll do it.

youre in a hurry, for something that will wait. and be ok.

what happened to you?

or rather who.
really good one! esp. like the twist at the end.
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