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Submitted on
September 5, 2007
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she looks strong, tough
at least you think she is
but then again we all know
that ignorance is bliss
you dont know her pain
sometimes you'll see it in her eyes
but she doesnt let it show
behind toughness she hides
there isnt a true smile
there isnt a true self
its what she hides behind
there isnt anything else
you think you know her truly
you may know her better than some
but you dont know the pieces lost
or all the things she's done
you dont know the lies shes told
or seen her many scars
you dont know the lonliness she feels
or the coldness of her heart
you cant see the effort
it takes to hold on
you think shes alright
when shes almost gone
she looks strong, tough
and behind it she hides
she continuously puts up walls
cause she's been hurt so many times
you think she's opened up to you
shared the pain she keeps
but she only shares a portion
the rest gives her the creeps
you wont see the tears
when she looks back on it
you wont see the pain
and you wont taste the vomit
you wont see things twisted
different than they were before
you wont feel embarrassed
when shes called a whore
you wont feel the shame she did
when she hugged her dad
you wont feel lonely
when herself was all she had
you didnt feel the confusion
of the wrong she never did
you never knew that girl
she was just a little kid
you wont know the fear
of being alone with anyone else
you cant feel the burn
of her own mental hell
you cant feel the weight
she placed on her own shoulders
you cant feel her heart
and how each day it grows colder
you dont see how she hurts
to keep in all this pain
you still dont understand
why she takes all the blame.
such walls make themselves into mazes...
And sometimes you can't escape those mazes.
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